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  • Connecting the best ads with the best apps

    For Developers

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  • Connecting the best ads
    with the best apps

    For Advertisers

    •     Partner with the only real-time bidding mobile ad exchange.

    •     Get your ads on the top-ranked apps.

    •     Engage an active mobile audience.

    •     Put us to work for you.

State of Mobile Report

State of Mobile delivers monthly insights into the trends and changes that are taking place in the mobile advertising industry.

First seen on TechCrunch, the May edition of The State of Mobile Advertising report highlights a comparison of top devices from May 2012 to May 2013, along with impression breakdown by carrier, app category, day of week as well as ad units and price models.

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Featured Mobster

Each month we highlight one of our all star developers as the "one to watch" in the app space.


See how Appinest, creator of Meme Reader, used Mobclix to jumpstart revenues and decrease time spent on mediation, all without increasing user intrusion.

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